Ram Navmi prasad Dhaniya panjiri (coriander and coccunut mixture)

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20140408-140608.jpgHI Friends i am back to blogging and today i am posting summer special recipe PANJIRI Which is usually used as a prasad on RAM NAVMI.
200 GM Of (coriander powder )Dhaniya powder (You can use whole coriander seeds dry roast them and make a powder
100 gm of dry coconut shredded
3 tbsp of ghee
50 gm of goond (dink) known as eatable gum
1 tsp of saunth powder (dried ginger powder )
pinch of nutmeg powders
dry friuts like almond ,cashews and pista
3 tbsp of powder sugar

Take a thick bottom pan and melt ghee in it then fry goond in ghee it puffs and keep it aside mix all the ingridients together and the tasty

dhaniya goond panjiri is ready.It is a nutritious snack for all age groups and specially for nursing mothers

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strawberry ice cream home made


Ingredients :

600 gm fresh ripe strawberries stemmed and sliced 

4tbsp lemon juice freshly prepared 

350 gms granulated sugar 

300 ml milk 

600 ml double cream 

procedure :

In a small bowl mix strawberries half amount of sugar and lemon juice .stir gently and leave it for 2 hours in freezer,  after that mash or puree half berries  and reserve the strawberry juice 

mix the remaining sugar and milk till sugar dissolves then add the cream and reserved strawberry juice

add all the mixture to ice cream maker bowl and churn it for 20-25 minutes 

if you do not have ice cream maker exclude adding milk and whip the cream using hand blender 

when the ice cream starts getting thicker you can add the remaining strawberries to the mix

the  yummy ice cream looks like this strawberryicecream

this ice cream requires just a little more quantity of sugar one can also use a sugar substitute 

Tip: Everything needs to be in refrigerator and chilled before making ice cream 










misal (maharastrian dish known as misal pav)

Today i am posting recipe of maharastrian dish misal pav it is usually a snack time option often eaten as a breakfast.This is a little spicy savoury dish that goes nice with pav or bread


250 gm of sprouted matki

1 tomato

1 big onion

2tbsp shredded coconut

2 tbsp of oil

2 tbsp whole ground nuts

curry leaves 6-7

coriander powder

turmeric powder 

mix masala powder 

onion garlic masala 

1 red chilli

salt as per taste 

ginger garlic paste 

Procedure :

I usually cook this in pressure cooker 

first in a kadhai take little oil sauté onion once they are done add shredded coconut and fry till coconut turns brown .allow the mixture to cool and blend it in a blender with one raw tomato and red chilli

heat some oil in pressure pan and fry ginger garlic paste curry leaves and groundnut  and the mixture which is blended 

once it starts dry leaving oil add all the masalas as per your taste remember that this dish taste good when it is spicy

add water as per your requirement some people like it more runny while few like it dry 

close the lid and take one whistle 

switch off the cooker as soon it whistle 

your quick misal is ready to serve with pav or bread

garnish it with corriander leaves ,onion sev and farsan squeeze lemon on it 
















Palak paneer

Palak paneer is my sons favourite basically he loves eating paneer and making combination of palak(spinach) and paneer (cottage cheese )

and paneer makes me easy to incorparate palak in his stomach

Ingriedients :

1 bunch of palak

200 gms of paneer

salt per taste

1 small onion

1 tablespoon  of   garlic ginger paste

1 small tomato

1 bay leaf

2 cloves 3 to 4 pepper corns

1 teaspoon  of jeera /cumin seeds

1 teaspoon garam masala

1 green chili finely chopper

haldi powder as per taste

2 tablespoon fresh cream

1 tablespoon of ghee or butter


Procedure : First take a pan and add one and half cup of water and boil palak for few minuter and grind using a blender .Take ghee or butter in the pan and then add jeera , bay leaf cloves and pepper corns.then add onion garlic paste in it fry till it turn brown then add chopped onion and saute it till it is brown and after that add tomato to the pan .once the tomato are done in the pan add pureed palak to the mixture in pan addd salt as peer taste  and let it cook until the water from the palak dries up it may take 10-15 minutes till the gravy becomes thick then add garam masala and  cream to the gravy .

at last add the paneer cubes to the gravy i dont prefer to fry the paneer before adding to the gravy if you like paneer fried you can add them after frying 

few people use a little bengal gram flour to make the gravy thick one can use this technique if you are using less palak to make the dish

also few people like to add a extra jeera and red chili tadka once the gravy is done it is completely optional but you can always try these technique and discover the way you love to eat the dish






Eco Friendly Ganesha Ganpati at home Using Shadu clay or rice flour bio degradable materials in home

Source: Eco Friendly Ganesha Ganpati at home Using Shadu clay or rice flour bio degradable materials in home

Eco Friendly Ganesha Ganpati at home Using Shadu clay or rice flour bio degradable materials in home

2014-08-23 19.49.22 Here are some photos of eco friendly ganpati we made 

try to use soft mud,shadu clay or rice flour if you are keeping the ganesha for few days in home 
u can give finishing and plain effect to the idol using water
dont use too much of water just a little to give plain texture
let the idol dry for 3-4 days
dont directly keep it in sun light for drying it will break
first make small round and press it
make it pedha shape or flat circle shape
then make a cylindrical big round on it which matches the the base i.e flat round we made earlier
add some soil on the cylindrical shape to make a big tummy of ganpati merge the soil neatly
then make two equal small round for legs and mould them in shape of legs
then make two equal small round for hands  and mould them in shape of  hands
then make a round for head of ganpati
attach trunk to it
then make two equal small round for ears and  make ears attach them properly with some soil in the back
attach everything using soil from backside
one  can enhance more details using painting
hope  this  is useful
after drying colour the eco friendly  ganpati using normal poster colours or water colours
eco friendly ganpati using shadu clay

eco ganesha painted using ecofriendly colours

2014-08-27 00.44.48

Glazed carrots

hi friends as we just shifted to Scotland from India

here i found beautiful Scottish carrots so i  have discovered this new recipe of Scottish Glazed Carrots

Ingredients :

1 big bowl of carrots cut into thin small rounds 

1 tbsp of butter

salt as required

1 tbsp of honey or sugar

fresh or dried herbs like thyme or oregano


Take a pan and add butter to it then add carrots and cook them on slow flame add salt as required

when the carrots are almost cooked u have to add honey or sugar.Remember if your are using sugar

caramelize it first in other pan and then add it too carrots as it gives nice brown glaze look to them

and if you r using honey just  add it to carrots and lastly add some fresh herbs to the dish.

This is a healthy quick and easy way of giving carrots to kids.My son loves this so much

Beetroot salad with sesame seed and olive oil


1 big beetroot shredded

salt to taste

1 big tomato thinly chopped

2 tsp of sesame seeds

few fresh peanuts (optional)

1 tbsp olive oil

Chat masala to taste

Procedure : Dry roast sesame seeds in pan.Boil peanuts and mix everything in bowl.This quick fresh healthy salad is ready to eat

beetroot salad

beetroot salad

Lapsi Sweet dalia

Ingridients : 1 cup dalia

2 tbsp of ghee

pinch of fennel seeds (optional)

3/4 cup of  jaggery

Procedure: First take a thick bottom pan add ghee and roast the dalia in it .Then cook it in two cups of water

i prefer cooking in pressure cooker .After the dalia is cooked add fennel seeds and jaggery mix it well until all jaggery is

melted in it.Your sweet lapsi dalia is ready to serve .It is served as prasad to goddess in many area.

(The key is to add good amount of ghee and good quality wheat dalia .This is a tasty wholesome dish and can be kept for two days but it tastes best when it is hot)

sweet dalia

dalia cooked in water

dalia cooked in water

dalia and jaggery mix

After adding jaggery

sweet dalia

sweet dalia