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Home made dhokla

1 cup of bengal gram flour(besan )

1/2 cup of suji rawa

1 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp of oil

salt to taste

1 tsp of citric acid

1 cup of water

1 small eno sachet

Seasoning :2 tbsp of oil, 1 tbs of rai ,1 tsp of jeera , green chillies 2-3 , curry leaves ,1 tsp of seasame seeds and hing

First take all the ingredients and mix them well in a pot .Mean while keep the steam cooker on gas.Grease the plate with oil in which dhokla has to cooked .Mix the sachet of eno in the batter mix it throughly and then put it in the greased plate to steam.Remember to close the lid properly of the steam cooker .Cook it on medium flame for 15 minutes .After 15 minutes remove the plate .Heat oil in tadka pan put rai jeera greeen chilles curry leaves and put hing and seasame seeds after removing it from fire put this tadka on dhokla cut them in squares .You can use fresh corriander and dessicated cocunut for seasoning (optional ) .Your tasty easy quick healthy and protienrich snacks is ready to serve