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Khandvi (Gujrati ) ,Suralichi wadi (Maharastrian)


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Hi Friends

  Today i will post recipe of  Khandvi ,Suralichi wadi .   This is very tasty nutritious and protien rich dish ,a little tricky but with right measured ingredients khandvi is very easy and fast to cook .Lets see the ingredients 

1 cup of bengal gram flour

1 cup of water

1 1/2 cup savour  thick  butter milk (It is good if it is home made )

Salt to taste

1tbsp of turmeric powder

Chili powder as per taste

For garnishing corriander leaves and shredded coccunut

For tempering 2 tbsp of oil ,mustard seeds , cumin seeds , curry leaves and hing powder

Method :

For making Khandvi (Gujrati ) ,Surali  wadi (Maharastrian) take  bengal gram flour , water , butter milk in cooker pan mix all the ingredients well and then add salt  ,turmeric and chilli powder (optional) 

put the mix pan in pressure cooker close it with lid and take 2 pressure vissels .

After that immediately remove the pan from pressure cooker .

Mix the ingridients with spoon (Since it is cooked from the bottom but the upper part is little uncooked so will stir it and again will put it in pressure cooker )

This time only take one pressure whistle and immediately take out pan from the cooker .

Now with the help of the spoon put the cooked khandvi batter in plate and slowly spread it in the plate giving a thin layer

It is very important to give a thin layer (Remember to do it fast when the batter is hot )

There is absolutely no need to put oil in the plate it will automatically come out without sticking

Make vertical partitions of  1 to 2 inch on the plate using knife.

Spread  coriander leaves and shredded coccunut inside the plate

Start rolling the partition and make khandvi/surali wadi

Now make a tadka using curry leaves,mustard seeds ,cumin seeds and   hing.

Garnish the khandvi with tadka and coriander leaves .

This is really very tasty dish and is made along with aamrus in summer season.


Kothimbir vadi (coriander koftas)

Ingredients : Bunch of coriander leaves

Bengal gram flour about 1 and 1/2 cup

2 tbsp jeera

5 -7 cloves of garlic

3-4 green chilies

Dry coconut around 100gm

Salt to taste

1 tbsp of poppy seeds or seasame seeds

Procedure : Wash coriander leaves and chop them finely.Grind jeera , chilies , garlic and dry coconut in grider and add to chopped coriander .Add poppy seeds and salt to corriander leaves.Add bengal gram flour and mix all the ingredients nice .Add water to the mixed dough so as to form koftas .Knead the dough well and  form small round loafs of the dough .Steam it in steamer for 15 mins .When the kothambir wadi is ready it will become some what glossy and bigger in size allow it cool .Then cut in small round and fry it in oil.

Your Tasty easy and protein rich recipe of Kothambir vadi is ready……………

If u want to exclude the frying part you can enjoy it without frying when it is hot .