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Vegetable wrapped in roti (franky for kids )

Hi post today i am posting new recipe which kids like a lot

Ingridients :

3 cups of veggies like carrot ,capsicum ,cauliflower , green peas , potato ,mushrooms .


salt as required

chilly powder ,

turmeric powder ,

Tomato sauce

Cheese spread

Cheese slice


Make  a Vegetable preparation from all veggies using butter ,seasoning and tomato sauce .Take a roti and spread cheese on it and then spread vegetable on it  make a roll of roti press it firmly using butter .Roast the roti roll on hot pan using some butter make it crisp from all sides.I prefer using fresh roti because there are less chances of breaking in fresh roti but one can also use previously made or leftover rotis for it.My Son loves this and calls it franky which is very healthy and combination of carbohydrate , proteins and nutrients .