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Jowar Dosa (Sorghum crepes )

photo (3)Today i am posting a nutritious recipe using jowar (sorghum)

It is a little variation of Dosa which is light and tasty

2 portions of jowar

1 tsp fengureek seeds

1 portion of boiled rice

1 portion of urad dal

soak all the ingredients in water for 7-8 hours

grind it in grinder leave it for fermentation for atleast 10-12 hours

Add salt to taste.Adjust the consistency of the batter.

Enjoy these nutritous recipe  which is whole meal( combination of protiens and carbohydrates) with dosa chutney or tomato sauce .

These dosa tend to become more soft  and light than the rice dosa and they are not crispy as rice dosas but still they taste good