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Lapsi Sweet dalia

Ingridients : 1 cup dalia

2 tbsp of ghee

pinch of fennel seeds (optional)

3/4 cup of  jaggery

Procedure: First take a thick bottom pan add ghee and roast the dalia in it .Then cook it in two cups of water

i prefer cooking in pressure cooker .After the dalia is cooked add fennel seeds and jaggery mix it well until all jaggery is

melted in it.Your sweet lapsi dalia is ready to serve .It is served as prasad to goddess in many area.

(The key is to add good amount of ghee and good quality wheat dalia .This is a tasty wholesome dish and can be kept for two days but it tastes best when it is hot)

sweet dalia

dalia cooked in water

dalia cooked in water

dalia and jaggery mix

After adding jaggery

sweet dalia

sweet dalia


Dhaniya goond panjiri


Ram Navmi prasad Dhaniya panjiri (coriander and coccunut mixture)

20140408-140608.jpgHI Friends i am back to blogging and today i am posting summer special recipe PANJIRI Which is usually used as a prasad on RAM NAVMI.
200 GM Of (coriander powder )Dhaniya powder (You can use whole coriander seeds dry roast them and make a powder
100 gm of dry coconut shredded
3 tbsp of ghee
50 gm of goond (dink) known as eatable gum
1 tsp of saunth powder (dried ginger powder )
pinch of nutmeg powders
dry friuts like almond ,cashews and pista
3 tbsp of powder sugar

Take a thick bottom pan and melt ghee in it then fry goond in ghee it puffs and keep it aside mix all the ingridients together and the tasty

dhaniya goond panjiri is ready.It is a nutritious snack for all age groups and specially for nursing mothers