Dhaniya goond panjiri



Ram Navmi prasad Dhaniya panjiri (coriander and coccunut mixture)

20140408-140608.jpgHI Friends i am back to blogging and today i am posting summer special recipe PANJIRI Which is usually used as a prasad on RAM NAVMI.
200 GM Of (coriander powder )Dhaniya powder (You can use whole coriander seeds dry roast them and make a powder
100 gm of dry coconut shredded
3 tbsp of ghee
50 gm of goond (dink) known as eatable gum
1 tsp of saunth powder (dried ginger powder )
pinch of nutmeg powders
dry friuts like almond ,cashews and pista
3 tbsp of powder sugar

Take a thick bottom pan and melt ghee in it then fry goond in ghee it puffs and keep it aside mix all the ingridients together and the tasty

dhaniya goond panjiri is ready.It is a nutritious snack for all age groups and specially for nursing mothers

Alu chi wadi(Maharastra),Patra in gujrati

Today i am posting recipe of  Alu chi wadi(Maharastra),Patra in gujrati  which is very famous side dish goes along with dal rice.

Alu chi wadi is made from Colocasia leaves which is also called as arvi in hindi .

Ingredients :

6 big Colocasia leaves

1 and 1/2 cup Bengal gram flour (Besan)

1 tsp garam masala powder

Salt to taste

turmeric powder

chilli powder

jeera powder

2 Tbsp of tamrind sauce (Tamrind and jaggery dissolved togegther) / Imli chutney


2 Tbsp of grated coconut

1 tbsp sesame seeds

4 tbsp of oil

Mix all the ingredients together  in a small amount of water which will make a thick batter like cake .Wash all the leaves and dry them.You can remove the big line in leave if you want.Apply besan batter on the back side of leaf then put next leaf on the same leaf apply batter again make a layer of three leaves like this  and roll it out.Steam the roll in steamer for 20-25 min then allow them to cool.Cut the rolls in one inch halves .Take a thick bottom pan heat oil and add the cut rolls fry them in oil for few minutes them add sesame seeds and grated coconut for garnishing.You can also deep fry the rolls.

Aam Gud , Aam ka khatta mettha aachar ,kairichi lunji Sweet sour and spicy

Raw mango for AAM GUD kairichi lunji

Raw mango for AAM GUD kairichi lunji

DSCF6061 DSCF6067Hey all  i am posting this aam gud recipe  which is often called as kairichi lunji in Maharastra.


1 Big raw mango (It will be good if it is kalami kairi which is less savour so that recipe takes less gud )

1 and 1/2 cups jaggery (gud )

1 Tsp fengureek seeds

1 tsp fennel seeds

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 tbsp of coriander powder

1 tbsp of  jeera powder

1 tbsp of red chilli powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

pinch  of strong asfodeia (preferably  heera  hing )

2 tbsp of oil

Procedure  : Take raw  mango and peel it.Make thin large piece of raw mango.Boil  the pieces of raw mango in small amount of water so that they become tender.Drain the water you can use it for making  mango drink (panhe ).Take oil in  a pan and add mustard seeds in it then add fengureek seeds and fennel seeds to it .Then add a pinch of hing and add boiled mango pieces .Add jaggery to it let the jaggery dissolved and then add salt ,coriander powder and jeera powder  and chilli powder .This dish is best  to battle from summer heat and you can use it for 8 days without refrigerating it and can be used for months if kept in refrigerator.So your tasty esay aam gud is ready    !!!!!!!!!!!

Jowar Dosa (Sorghum crepes )

photo (3)Today i am posting a nutritious recipe using jowar (sorghum)

It is a little variation of Dosa which is light and tasty

2 portions of jowar

1 tsp fengureek seeds

1 portion of boiled rice

1 portion of urad dal

soak all the ingredients in water for 7-8 hours

grind it in grinder leave it for fermentation for atleast 10-12 hours

Add salt to taste.Adjust the consistency of the batter.

Enjoy these nutritous recipe  which is whole meal( combination of protiens and carbohydrates) with dosa chutney or tomato sauce .

These dosa tend to become more soft  and light than the rice dosa and they are not crispy as rice dosas but still they taste good

Vegetable wrapped in roti (franky for kids )

Hi post today i am posting new recipe which kids like a lot

Ingridients :

3 cups of veggies like carrot ,capsicum ,cauliflower , green peas , potato ,mushrooms .


salt as required

chilly powder ,

turmeric powder ,

Tomato sauce

Cheese spread

Cheese slice


Make  a Vegetable preparation from all veggies using butter ,seasoning and tomato sauce .Take a roti and spread cheese on it and then spread vegetable on it  make a roll of roti press it firmly using butter .Roast the roti roll on hot pan using some butter make it crisp from all sides.I prefer using fresh roti because there are less chances of breaking in fresh roti but one can also use previously made or leftover rotis for it.My Son loves this and calls it franky which is very healthy and combination of carbohydrate , proteins and nutrients .

Nutritious healthy home made sorghum flour noddles ( jwarichya pithache shewai )


Today i am posting recipe of home made Sorghum jowar atta noodles which very nutritious healthy and simple


3 cups of jowar flour

1 tbsp maida

2 tbsp of  rice flour

3 tsp of oil

salt as per taste

2 cups of vegetable carrots beans onion peas tomatoes (whichever are available )

home made masala

turmeric powder

chilli powder

1 sachet of maggie masala e magic

Procedure :

Mix all the flour ,oil and salt in one bowl make a dough using water as required .The dough should be kneaded soft .

Use the shevaichakli maker (sacha))and steam the noodles on the steamer .

jowar noodle

steam them for about 7 to 10 minutes .Then take a kadhai or pan  saute all the vegetables in  oil and then add all the masala as per  your taste

let it cook for a while .You can use little water to cook the vegetables after the veggies are done you can add the noodles break them a little

sprinkle some water on it so that they dont  get dry .Remember to use little water other wise they can become soggy .Cover it for 5 minutes

and then your tasty easy nutritious jowar noddles are ready to eat .


Quick easy home made egg less without oven cake

 I have discovered this recipe from couple of  experiments .This is very easy cake recipe with milk powder and maida can be made any where without using oven .This is very easy quick cake recipe u can make any where .


2 cup maida (if you want to avoid maida u can use 1 cup maida and 1 cup whole wheat flour)

1 cup milk powder 

2 tsp baking powder 

1/2 tsp soda

1 cup sugar 

1 1/2 cup milk

3/4 cup ghee

2 tbsp curd 

2-3 drops of  lemon juice 

  Mix all the ingredients together dust and grease the cake pot .We have to steam the cake like what we do in dhokla and idli if u have that stand then put the cake pot in that stand.But if u don’t have that stand take a big kadhai put a small plate in it then put cake pot on it and cover it with lid so that the steam doesnt escape .Put the gas on high for 10 mins and after it on sim gas for 45 minutes .Your tasty easy and simple cake is ready to eat.This can be a homely nutritious delicacy for your kids you can carry it for  two days if you are going for an outing .

churma laddu

 This is one of the most easy and nutritious laddu preparation 


1/2 of suji / rawa 

1 cup of wheat flour 

100 gms of  ghee

200 gms jaggery

oil  / ghee for frying 


    Mix rawa wheat flour and 2 tbsp of ghee and make dough using less water .Leave the dough for half  hour .  Make small flat balls of the dough and fry it in oil / ghee .I usually use sunflower or rice bran oil for frying but u can also use ghee for frying .Fry all the balls on sim gas so that they are cooked from inside .After frying grind the balls in mixture .If the mixture is course the sieve it and again grind it in mixer.Take  remaining ghee and jaggery in thick pan .Once jaggery is melted mix the whole mixture in it and make laddus of it .U can also mix dry fruits , coconut in grated for in this laddo.Your TASTY easy and nutritious laddo are ready to eat.IT take almost 1 hr to make the laddo 

Khandvi (Gujrati ) ,Suralichi wadi (Maharastrian)


surali wadi phota

Hi Friends

  Today i will post recipe of  Khandvi ,Suralichi wadi .   This is very tasty nutritious and protien rich dish ,a little tricky but with right measured ingredients khandvi is very easy and fast to cook .Lets see the ingredients 

1 cup of bengal gram flour

1 cup of water

1 1/2 cup savour  thick  butter milk (It is good if it is home made )

Salt to taste

1tbsp of turmeric powder

Chili powder as per taste

For garnishing corriander leaves and shredded coccunut

For tempering 2 tbsp of oil ,mustard seeds , cumin seeds , curry leaves and hing powder

Method :

For making Khandvi (Gujrati ) ,Surali  wadi (Maharastrian) take  bengal gram flour , water , butter milk in cooker pan mix all the ingredients well and then add salt  ,turmeric and chilli powder (optional) 

put the mix pan in pressure cooker close it with lid and take 2 pressure vissels .

After that immediately remove the pan from pressure cooker .

Mix the ingridients with spoon (Since it is cooked from the bottom but the upper part is little uncooked so will stir it and again will put it in pressure cooker )

This time only take one pressure whistle and immediately take out pan from the cooker .

Now with the help of the spoon put the cooked khandvi batter in plate and slowly spread it in the plate giving a thin layer

It is very important to give a thin layer (Remember to do it fast when the batter is hot )

There is absolutely no need to put oil in the plate it will automatically come out without sticking

Make vertical partitions of  1 to 2 inch on the plate using knife.

Spread  coriander leaves and shredded coccunut inside the plate

Start rolling the partition and make khandvi/surali wadi

Now make a tadka using curry leaves,mustard seeds ,cumin seeds and   hing.

Garnish the khandvi with tadka and coriander leaves .

This is really very tasty dish and is made along with aamrus in summer season.