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strawberry ice cream home made


Ingredients :

600 gm fresh ripe strawberries stemmed and sliced 

4tbsp lemon juice freshly prepared 

350 gms granulated sugar 

300 ml milk 

600 ml double cream 

procedure :

In a small bowl mix strawberries half amount of sugar and lemon juice .stir gently and leave it for 2 hours in freezer,  after that mash or puree half berries  and reserve the strawberry juice 

mix the remaining sugar and milk till sugar dissolves then add the cream and reserved strawberry juice

add all the mixture to ice cream maker bowl and churn it for 20-25 minutes 

if you do not have ice cream maker exclude adding milk and whip the cream using hand blender 

when the ice cream starts getting thicker you can add the remaining strawberries to the mix

the  yummy ice cream looks like this strawberryicecream

this ice cream requires just a little more quantity of sugar one can also use a sugar substitute 

Tip: Everything needs to be in refrigerator and chilled before making ice cream 











Lapsi Sweet dalia

Ingridients : 1 cup dalia

2 tbsp of ghee

pinch of fennel seeds (optional)

3/4 cup of  jaggery

Procedure: First take a thick bottom pan add ghee and roast the dalia in it .Then cook it in two cups of water

i prefer cooking in pressure cooker .After the dalia is cooked add fennel seeds and jaggery mix it well until all jaggery is

melted in it.Your sweet lapsi dalia is ready to serve .It is served as prasad to goddess in many area.

(The key is to add good amount of ghee and good quality wheat dalia .This is a tasty wholesome dish and can be kept for two days but it tastes best when it is hot)

sweet dalia

dalia cooked in water

dalia cooked in water

dalia and jaggery mix

After adding jaggery

sweet dalia

sweet dalia

Dhaniya goond panjiri