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Quick easy home made egg less without oven cake

 I have discovered this recipe from couple of  experiments .This is very easy cake recipe with milk powder and maida can be made any where without using oven .This is very easy quick cake recipe u can make any where .


2 cup maida (if you want to avoid maida u can use 1 cup maida and 1 cup whole wheat flour)

1 cup milk powder 

2 tsp baking powder 

1/2 tsp soda

1 cup sugar 

1 1/2 cup milk

3/4 cup ghee

2 tbsp curd 

2-3 drops of  lemon juice 

  Mix all the ingredients together dust and grease the cake pot .We have to steam the cake like what we do in dhokla and idli if u have that stand then put the cake pot in that stand.But if u don’t have that stand take a big kadhai put a small plate in it then put cake pot on it and cover it with lid so that the steam doesnt escape .Put the gas on high for 10 mins and after it on sim gas for 45 minutes .Your tasty easy and simple cake is ready to eat.This can be a homely nutritious delicacy for your kids you can carry it for  two days if you are going for an outing .