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misal (maharastrian dish known as misal pav)

Today i am posting recipe of maharastrian dish misal pav it is usually a snack time option often eaten as a breakfast.This is a little spicy savoury dish that goes nice with pav or bread


250 gm of sprouted matki

1 tomato

1 big onion

2tbsp shredded coconut

2 tbsp of oil

2 tbsp whole ground nuts

curry leaves 6-7

coriander powder

turmeric powder 

mix masala powder 

onion garlic masala 

1 red chilli

salt as per taste 

ginger garlic paste 

Procedure :

I usually cook this in pressure cooker 

first in a kadhai take little oil sauté onion once they are done add shredded coconut and fry till coconut turns brown .allow the mixture to cool and blend it in a blender with one raw tomato and red chilli

heat some oil in pressure pan and fry ginger garlic paste curry leaves and groundnut  and the mixture which is blended 

once it starts dry leaving oil add all the masalas as per your taste remember that this dish taste good when it is spicy

add water as per your requirement some people like it more runny while few like it dry 

close the lid and take one whistle 

switch off the cooker as soon it whistle 

your quick misal is ready to serve with pav or bread

garnish it with corriander leaves ,onion sev and farsan squeeze lemon on it 

















Nutritious healthy home made sorghum flour noddles ( jwarichya pithache shewai )


Today i am posting recipe of home made Sorghum jowar atta noodles which very nutritious healthy and simple


3 cups of jowar flour

1 tbsp maida

2 tbsp of  rice flour

3 tsp of oil

salt as per taste

2 cups of vegetable carrots beans onion peas tomatoes (whichever are available )

home made masala

turmeric powder

chilli powder

1 sachet of maggie masala e magic

Procedure :

Mix all the flour ,oil and salt in one bowl make a dough using water as required .The dough should be kneaded soft .

Use the shevaichakli maker (sacha))and steam the noodles on the steamer .

jowar noodle

steam them for about 7 to 10 minutes .Then take a kadhai or pan  saute all the vegetables in  oil and then add all the masala as per  your taste

let it cook for a while .You can use little water to cook the vegetables after the veggies are done you can add the noodles break them a little

sprinkle some water on it so that they dont  get dry .Remember to use little water other wise they can become soggy .Cover it for 5 minutes

and then your tasty easy nutritious jowar noddles are ready to eat .


Kothimbir vadi (coriander koftas)

Ingredients : Bunch of coriander leaves

Bengal gram flour about 1 and 1/2 cup

2 tbsp jeera

5 -7 cloves of garlic

3-4 green chilies

Dry coconut around 100gm

Salt to taste

1 tbsp of poppy seeds or seasame seeds

Procedure : Wash coriander leaves and chop them finely.Grind jeera , chilies , garlic and dry coconut in grider and add to chopped coriander .Add poppy seeds and salt to corriander leaves.Add bengal gram flour and mix all the ingredients nice .Add water to the mixed dough so as to form koftas .Knead the dough well and  form small round loafs of the dough .Steam it in steamer for 15 mins .When the kothambir wadi is ready it will become some what glossy and bigger in size allow it cool .Then cut in small round and fry it in oil.

Your Tasty easy and protein rich recipe of Kothambir vadi is ready……………

If u want to exclude the frying part you can enjoy it without frying when it is hot .

Soya lollypops


1 cup of soya crumps

1 cup of mashed potato

1/2 cup of multigrain flour (1 Sp of ragi ,1sp of rice flour ,2 Sp of bengal gram flour ,1sp of rawa )

( it can be done even if any of these are unavailable )

1tb Sp sesame seeds

salt to taste ,

chat masala as per taste

pinch of sugar

8 ice cream sticks

Mix all the ingredients in bowl  make a dough using water and leave it for 15-20 min .Then adjust the consistency of dough so that it can be hold on stick .make small balls of dough and stick them on ice cream sticks .Fry them in oil serve them with sauce or green chutney,your Tasty ,quick ,simple and protien rich soya lollypops are ready to eat .

Home made dhokla

1 cup of bengal gram flour(besan )

1/2 cup of suji rawa

1 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp of oil

salt to taste

1 tsp of citric acid

1 cup of water

1 small eno sachet

Seasoning :2 tbsp of oil, 1 tbs of rai ,1 tsp of jeera , green chillies 2-3 , curry leaves ,1 tsp of seasame seeds and hing

First take all the ingredients and mix them well in a pot .Mean while keep the steam cooker on gas.Grease the plate with oil in which dhokla has to cooked .Mix the sachet of eno in the batter mix it throughly and then put it in the greased plate to steam.Remember to close the lid properly of the steam cooker .Cook it on medium flame for 15 minutes .After 15 minutes remove the plate .Heat oil in tadka pan put rai jeera greeen chilles curry leaves and put hing and seasame seeds after removing it from fire put this tadka on dhokla cut them in squares .You can use fresh corriander and dessicated cocunut for seasoning (optional ) .Your tasty easy quick healthy and protienrich snacks is ready to serve