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Glazed carrots

hi friends as we just shifted to Scotland from India

here i found beautiful Scottish carrots so i  have discovered this new recipe of Scottish Glazed Carrots

Ingredients :

1 big bowl of carrots cut into thin small rounds 

1 tbsp of butter

salt as required

1 tbsp of honey or sugar

fresh or dried herbs like thyme or oregano


Take a pan and add butter to it then add carrots and cook them on slow flame add salt as required

when the carrots are almost cooked u have to add honey or sugar.Remember if your are using sugar

caramelize it first in other pan and then add it too carrots as it gives nice brown glaze look to them

and if you r using honey just  add it to carrots and lastly add some fresh herbs to the dish.

This is a healthy quick and easy way of giving carrots to kids.My son loves this so much