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Nutritious healthy home made sorghum flour noddles ( jwarichya pithache shewai )


Today i am posting recipe of home made Sorghum jowar atta noodles which very nutritious healthy and simple


3 cups of jowar flour

1 tbsp maida

2 tbsp of  rice flour

3 tsp of oil

salt as per taste

2 cups of vegetable carrots beans onion peas tomatoes (whichever are available )

home made masala

turmeric powder

chilli powder

1 sachet of maggie masala e magic

Procedure :

Mix all the flour ,oil and salt in one bowl make a dough using water as required .The dough should be kneaded soft .

Use the shevaichakli maker (sacha))and steam the noodles on the steamer .

jowar noodle

steam them for about 7 to 10 minutes .Then take a kadhai or pan  saute all the vegetables in  oil and then add all the masala as per  your taste

let it cook for a while .You can use little water to cook the vegetables after the veggies are done you can add the noodles break them a little

sprinkle some water on it so that they dont  get dry .Remember to use little water other wise they can become soggy .Cover it for 5 minutes

and then your tasty easy nutritious jowar noddles are ready to eat .